Product display
It is important to ensure that your stall looks attractive at all times, is properly merchandised and is visually appealing. A few simple choices can make all the difference in how a prospective customer views your stall. Keep the stall well stocked and use contrasting colours to achieve a vibrant presence. Once you have set up your stall, walk around the front and get a customer’s view of your presentation.

Your pricing needs to be competitive and you must ensure that all costs are included in your selling price. Failure to work out your price accurately could result in an operating loss that will immediately undermine your business model. Be mindful also that repeat business is generated by good value.

It is important to allow as many customers as possible to taste your product. It provides an opportunity for customers to stop at your stall without feeling under pressure to buy. This gives you a chance to engage in conversation with them and explain the uniqueness of your product.

Promoting your product
Always have an explanatory leaflet, it can be as simple as a typed sheet. Tell shoppers who you are, make it personal, describe your products, your sourcing and ethics. How and where they can get more. Recipes are invaluable and you could include one or two on your leaflet.

Comment Cards
Customer feedback is critical to your business and comment cards gives you the ability to get the comments and answers you need to build a better business. This feedback can help evaluate where exactly your business may be lacking and on which aspects to work on.

It will take some months before your name/product becomes established and it is critical that you stick with the market for at least six months. Regular attendance, even in bad weather, is vital so that you do not disappoint your customers. Any break in a pattern could lose you business.