I make all my own products. They are all raw (living foods) naturally healthy, mainly organic, vegan/vegetarian nibbles - or as my slogan says: 'naturally nutritious naughty nibbles'. Sweet & savoury munches all made from nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Also pots of nut butters, savoury dips and sauces. Nothing nasty - no gluten, refined sugars, toxins or GMO's. ALL GOOD HEALTHY FOOD - although they look naughty!

List of products: 

Nutritious sweet and semi-sweet nibbles. Slabs and squared protein bars. Savoury seeds. Nut butters. When I have the time varieties of raw 'cakes' made from avocados. Tapenades. Hummus. Buba Ganoush. Tzatziki.

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Markets in 2019 we have booked to attend

February 16th, 2019, June 15th, 2019