Milk, honey, turmeric & ginger infusion



  • 1 mug of milk – try Smarts Gloucester Cheese or PlanttoPlate
  • ½tsp Parva Spices turmeric and ginger infusion
  • Beechtree Bees honey to taste
  • Usk Fair Trade Cinnamon to taste…..or
  • Bevs Creative Food barrista style chocolate to taste


1. First measure out your milk into your favourite mug.

2. Tip the milk into a saucepan, add half a teaspoon of the turmeric & ginger infusion (you can add another half after tasting if you want it a little stronger) and gently stir through the milk as it warms.

3. Taste, then sweeten with Beechtree Bees honey to taste. Pour and sprinkle chocolate powder or cinnamon and enjoy!

Note – some of the pepper may float to the top of the drink. Just stir it in and keep on enjoying!